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Where Wealth Is About More Than Money

At McMahan Capital Management, we build relationships with people, not with their money. Our mission is to help you make sound choices that will support your long-term financial and lifestyle goals. Financial decisions can be confusing. You will appreciate our ability to explain the complexities in a way that is meaningful and easy to understand.


Isn’t it time to take control of your finances and move confidently toward your goals? We can help.

About McMahan Capital Management

McMahan Capital Management is an independent investment advisory firm based in Carmel, Indiana, that provides personalized investment planning, capital allocation, investment selection and portfolio management services to individuals and families.  


Managing your finances today, let alone planning for what tomorrow may bring, doesn't happen automatically. The good news is that financial planning doesn't have to be an overwhelming burden. It is a tool that's available to everyone, rather than a luxury for a select few.


We are focused on the markets and on financial planning issues and often provide insights and commentary on topics of interest.



If you’re a client of McMahan Capital Management and are looking for quick access to your accounts, click the box below.


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